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Time: Aug/20/2018 (in the last week)
So ivI' been going to this Supercuts for about 2 years will no problems. They have my haircut saved under my name, so I simply go in and ask for the cut under my file, no problem. But today I came in and got literally the worst hair cut of my life. I had to leave and go to another hair place to see if they could fix it or do anything. I even asked the girl cutting my hair of she could fix the problem parts but she told me it was just "wet" and it would dry off and look good. Not only did it not look better but it looked worse. A butcher in the supermarket next to this place would have done a better job. Never again.

Time: May/09/2018 (3 months ago)
If I could I would give this no stars. SO I walked in wanting a haircut, the service was nice about a 10 minute wait and then I went to get cut. This girl her name was Bailey she was filling in from South Portland. I asked her to fade it and she did not fade it, I said take a little off the top she hacked it down like 3 inches, I said no side burns and she did no side burns but she did not get all the hair she did one swipe of side burn and their was still hair their super short noticeable hair. She cut me, as well. She did a terrible job she did not give me a hot towel or ask for shampoo when I was planning on getting one . Bailey came in from South Portland to help with the staff, and someone should teach her how to actually cut before she messes up someone else haircut if she has not already. I will never go back to supercuts.

Time: Apr/26/2018 (4 months ago)
Nice people. Usual great Supercuts haircut.

Time: Jun/02/2017 (a year ago)
I have been to a bazillion hair salons over the past 5+ years. I explain what I want & walk out with something entirely different. Today I went to Supercuts in Falmouth. I told Charlotte what I was looking for in terms of highlights. She immediately understood what I was saying and she described what she could do before I even had to say it. She did exactly what I have wanted for years! And my hair looks great. Thank you Charlotte. I will be back

Time: Jan/03/2018 (7 months ago)
Yesterday I brought my son who is petrified of having his hair cut and had an amazing experience with Courtney! She was very patient and his hair came out amazing!

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