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Carmen Elizabeth's Day Spa
668 Straits Turnpike
Middlebury, CT


Time: Aug/27/2018 (a year ago)
Best spa in middlebury, customer service impeccable

Time: Dec/23/2016 (2 years ago)
Extrodinary experience!! Zen-like atmosphere filled with amazing people like Carmen, Candice and Karen! I've been a loyal customer for over a decade and can't imagine going anywhere else!!! Thank you for making my nails "Holiday ready" and making me feel like a queen!!❤️️❤️️

Time: Jun/02/2018 (a year ago)
This is the best place to get my nails done!!

Time: Apr/16/2017 (2 years ago)
I love this place. This salon has a heart because of the owner and employees. No fakeness!!!

Time: Dec/22/2016 (2 years ago)
I wouldn't even give this place 1 star, however you must give 1 star to write a review. Ironically I was looking for a day spa. I drive by this place every day to go to work. I thought it was a business since it has an entrance & exit sign at each end of a 1/2 driveway and a sign you can not read from road. I pulled into driveway to try to get directions to Viso Bello (which I would highly recommend (it's about .5 miles down road -Cross Roads Plaza) I was talking on my Bluetooth & all of a sudden this man comes yelling & waving his hands in the air. I could hear him through my closed windows!!!!!!! I rolled down my window 1/2 way and he just was yelling to get off his property that I can not use this to turn around in. He even threatened to call cops on me !!!!!! I must have apologize 10 times and ask him to step away from my car. I rolled my window up and waited for him to move. Did not want to hit him....God only knows what he would have done then!!!! I drove away and cried my self all the way home!!!! I really thought it was his personal driveway at that poin!!!!! The next morning I stop (on the busy road of course) and took picture of sign . LOL it's a day spa !!!!!!! That dumb dumb could of made a pretty good amount of money since the gift certificate was for our boss of 30+ employees 😂😂😂😂. So again I do recommend Viso Belo !!!!!!!what if that was someone that dumb dumb loved !!!! I guess the tables would been turned . ENTER AT YOUR IWN RISK

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