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Sebring Career Schools-Beauty
6672 South Texas 6
Houston, TX


Time: May/05/2018 (5 months ago)
I am putting one star in order to post my comment. I am giving 0 starssss... Check the photos I posted lol Went to do my pedicure and manicure here... They did ugly job... They don't now what to do, I was the one telling them what to use... omg😤 Their instructor was too busy doing her hair . When they finish I went to talk to the instructor about the messy job . And she just look at me and told me no likeee why why? Come Tuesday I do it fo u.. Will never come back to this place again.. Please don go to this place don't waste your money.. Plus you have to pay first and wait 30 minutes for some one to help you..

Time: Mar/15/2017 (a year ago)
On the phone they were helpful and answer all of my questions.

Time: May/25/2016 (2 years ago)
Great and helpful Instructors at this school. friends study to be cosmetolofists. They serve Hair cut, shampoo, etc... cheap price.

Time: Jan/07/2013 (5 years ago)
the worst school ever, i dropped out after a week from my registration, the school suppose to open from 10 to 8pm but the owner doesnt come till 15 or 20 min after 10 while all of the student are waiting outside in the cold....the manager is selling hours to student wich is illegal, you will never get your book and the kit ontime.the school smells bad and very dirty. there are always weird men in this school they are not student and dont work there i dont even know what they are doing there !!! there is no customer to practice on, they dont give you any product to use. just save your time and money and look for better school please,

Time: Feb/25/2016 (2 years ago)

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