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Sky Nails Supply
2035 East Highland Avenue
San Bernardino, CA

Monday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Time: May/07/2021 (2 months ago)
Good service & reasonable prices. I highly recommend Sky Nails Supply to everybody.

Time: Mar/07/2021 (4 months ago)
I went to buy 3 things. The guy pulled out his little calculator & told me “39 dollars” so I did the math, I was only suppose to pay 32$ at most. So I went back & told him & he pointed at some sign that basically said if you use your card sometimes it’s charges more? Which is weird because he has a lil old card machine were he types in the total.... & he told me 39$.... he said to give it a few days & it would be back into my account, but I knew he wasn’t being honest because like I said he said “39 dollars” earlier. He probably thought it I gave it a few days I’d forget so I asked for a full refund. Be careful when you purchase items so you won’t be overcharged. Also amazon is way cheaper than that nail supply store just saying 🥴

Time: May/16/2021 (a month ago)
Make sure you do the math or get a receipt because they do overcharge…

Time: Sep/07/2020 (10 months ago)
The are very reasonable with their prices. The lady there is very informative and their stock is always good.

Time: Jan/27/2020 (a year ago)
Came in 30 minutes before closing to buy everything needed to do our own acrylics. I didn’t catch the name of the woman behind the counter but she was the nicest person and so helpful. She never made us feel rushed, she recommended good product, and was overall wonderful.

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