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Regal Nails Salon & Spa
1355 Sandhill Road
Orem, UT


Time: Jul/06/2018 (3 weeks ago)
I've have loved coming here to get my nails done. They are also so kind and are fun to have a conversation with. I really like the new renovation. It brings a whole new feel to the experience. I also really like the pricing. It's not outrageous like most places. I would recommend going here.

Time: Jul/30/2018 (in the last week)
I have been going to Moon for nearly 5 years. She is amazing. She knows what I like and I even let her pick out my color some times.

Time: Jul/07/2018 (3 weeks ago)
I usually always have my nails done by Moon, and she does a beautiful job every time. They last on my nails for almost a month until i need a fill. They do your nails in a timely manner and are always friendly and professional.

Time: Jul/16/2018 (2 weeks ago)
Very upset and disappointed. It's a shame that my husband cant take my Daughter to get her nails done without being swindled My daughter just needed to get her nails filled and wanted a particular design on one nail the lady in charge of the shop took on my daughter did a fast rush Terrible job because she had an appointment she could not finish them That a which they were not told until after the fact . my daughter did not get her decail although she Took her money and paid full price and took her tip. They both came home very upset As they both knew they had been swindled by this lady. By all means she could have told her right from the gate she wouldn't have time to do the full job and they would have had the opportunity and The Choice to have gone somewhere else. This is unethical Unethical disrespectful and just a badd name for Walmart altogether.

Time: Jun/16/2018 (a month ago)
I came because I got a gift card for my birthday and was surprised by the experience; this was unlike any pedicure I'd had before. Their floors were dirty, which made me uncomfortable and wonder and their tools were even clean. They worked so quickly that they missed a few key things, like not taking off all the nail polish from my toes, barely smoothing my feet, and painting my french tips at a slant on two toes. They hardly spoke to me and I remained uncomfortable the whole time. I don't see myself coming here again. I'm rating a three because these are things that can be fixed if they slow down a bit and clean up.

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