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22 West 34th Street
New York, NY


Time: Mar/20/2021 (2 months ago)
1.Never got a graduation certificate ,never had a graduation ceremony and every time I call Mrs Jordon always had a different story.Stop talking and asking Mrs Jordon went to some other staff in there and I understand is mostly Mrs Jordon money was being use to keep up graduation ceremony etc.It is a disgrace and shameful to know you went to as they say high rated school in Manhattan and they got all there money and doing things halfway.Let me tell you I went to empire beauty school in Manhattan about what 3-4 years ago it’s all smiles and teeth’s you see when they want money but you see different spirits and a total different atmosphere when you start.All the big big bosses in there nice as ever and I am still waiting on my graduation ceremony and my certificate after what 4years .When am done praying I will speak to my lawyers concerning this ,you all got paid not for half way work,they even said there are opportunities for help to get work nothing. I did this course back in my country many new what to do but make me sign saying I will do it over .Didn’t know that my God run things and not man now I know,so for all who have ears let them hear don’t be fooled by this school,our ppl always say not everything that glitters is Gold .Pray and pray again and ask the Holy Spirit if this is the right school for you because there are powers that can’t be brought down until you have the gift of the Holy Ghost which is God power .My God power is more powerful more than any stick and stone.All those who have ear let them hear.This cosmetology course isn’t even paying money out there until you have clientele and line yourself up with destiny helpers.Trust and believe me when You enter in there is a whole different ball game and you have to be strong to finish winning.

Time: Jan/29/2021 (4 months ago)
Here at Empire Beauty School things are great. Throughout the day your allowed breaks and an hour lunch that makes the day way less stressful. The teachers are all very patient with the students and have no problems giving one on one help to those in need. The bathrooms and building itself are always clean.

Time: Jan/29/2021 (4 months ago)
I would definitely recommend Empire. The atmosphere is very relaxed, my classmates are very helpful and supportive, which allowed me to network with my peers. My teacher, Ms. Vicky, goes above and beyond for us to make sure we can successfully get get our hours and obtain our licenses. I have learned so much about hair that will give me the tools to to make sure I maintain the health of my clients hair and be able to do diverse styles and hair types.

Time: Feb/10/2021 (4 months ago)
Mr. Freeman was a pleasure to have as an instructor! Extremely knowledgeable, patient and professional. I looked forward to going to class every day. Never got frustrated when we needed help. His review methods are amazing. I not only learned practical skills, I retained the text as well. Definitely prepared me for the next step in my career!

Time: Apr/01/2021 (2 months ago)
I enjoy coming here and I am always excited to learn new methods and techniques. I didn’t expect making friends but so far I am loving my whole class, they teach me pointers as well. As far as the atmosphere, there’s always gonna be people who are better than others. Ms. Ghada is my teacher and she is the most sweet, patient, and lenient. Some people come experienced already so she’ll give you pointers but if you don’t have much experience, always ask for help and don’t be afraid to ask for help. As far as the money situation, it could have been better for me but they made it seem like I would get more money and ended up not getting much at all, even considering the fact that I’m unemployed. Overall experience, I am satisfied with where I am at and I’m looking forward to where I’ll go.

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