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Showoff's Boutique
264 West Jefferson Street
Syracuse, NY



Time: Nov/25/2017 (8 months ago)
VERY unprofessional , unethical and rude owner of this store. I have frequented Showoff since they opened and I recently ordered a $700 custom dress. It arrived and was not as ordered, requiring me to rush alterations which the owner was going to pay for. She read the texts I sent regarding the amount to reimburse me for but never responded. In view of her unprofessional demeanor I returned to the store with the bill and she made up her own version regarding the order I placed and was very argumentative. I settled for half the alteration bill just to leave. In addition to the disrespect her conduct was rude and unprofessional when she lashed out with personal insults about me to my friend as he followed me out. So much for customer service.

Time: Jan/03/2016 (2 years ago)
Great boutique for shopping when you are in downtown syracuse

Time: Mar/19/2017 (a year ago)

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