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T Nails
1894 Ashwood Cir
Fort Wright, KY



Time: Jun/19/2018 (a month ago)
T Nails is a laid back, friendly environment. Of course you're going to get the overwhelmingly chemical nail salon smell but it isn't as orderous as other places. The people at T Nails are funny and easy going. For some reason they never accept tips as in cash tips from quite sure why. Even though, Tom does an awesome job on my nails as well as doing them in a timely manner.

Time: Jun/18/2018 (a month ago)
Received a manicure and pedicure yesterday. Today it looks like my nail were done last week. The older lady did a messy job and only gave me one coat of polish. I wont be back.

Time: Jan/31/2018 (6 months ago)
I have been sitting for over an hour while the young girls from Beechwood get their nails done. There are about 6. However, I am about to vomit, while the owner is flirting with the young girls and telling them how drunk he gets at Buffalo Wings every weekend in Florence. Oy!!!! I may be walking out soon... and never coming back to this place.

Time: Apr/03/2017 (a year ago)
TERRRRRIBLE#!!!!! I went there to get a full set - the couple that was working was Very Rushy - the older lady was Soo rude and did Not know what she was doing - she drilled my nails So thin they started bleeding. 4 Times During the process - 3 of them are crooked - some are Really thick others are really thin - i highly doubt shes licensed thats how bad they r!!!! They are So bad the Very Next day i dove over a hour to my old salin abd got them Re Done!! The place i got them Re done eas HORRIFIED AT THEIR WORK#! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!! Also my nails was still wet while i was trying to pay so i knicked my polish on my wallet and the lady working got SOOO MAD!!!! She Slammed the dryer - didnt say bye - i didnt even know when to take my nails out dryer cause no one was helping me so i just walked out - TERRIBLE SERVICE

Time: Nov/11/2016 (a year ago)
Very reasonable, they always squeeze us in and offer drinks. We love Tony and Tom! Definitely recommend...

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