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T's Nails Supply For Professionals
2427 East Tremont Avenue
, NY



Time: Jan/30/2020 (3 months ago)
Great and well organized place. This is like a wholeseller nail supply store . You are responsible of knowing what are you getting . They are rude because you are supposed to know what are you buying.

Time: Feb/02/2020 (3 months ago)
Great selection for nail art, Tina was nothing but nice to me and been there 2 times. Just make sure to read the sign on the door at the entrance, I think you’ll have a better experience if you follow that.

Time: Jan/25/2019 (a year ago)
Tina is VERY RUDE!!! Or shall I say Disrespectful!! I greeted her with a "Hello" and she ignored me. I said it again, and she ignored me AGAIN. I said it a third time, because I refused to allow her to NOT acknowledge me, and finally she looks at me. Still does not respond though. I ask the girl at the register if shes's always this rude and finally Tina has a response, which I found to be rather disrespectful and distasteful! She said she doesn't speak to strangers, only "VIP customers". I told her I am no stranger to her store, since I've been there quite a few times with my Instructor and classmates, and that anyone that comes to spend money in her store should be greeted because it's good customer service. She goes on to make excuses for her rudeness and ends it by saying that there is a $100 minimum when shopping there. I told here there is no sign in the store that states that and that this was the first time she ever mentioned it. I would not dare spend $100 there at this point and do not plan on ever shopping there again! The location is convenient and she has great stuff, but my pride an integrity are worth so much more!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND SHOPPING HERE!!!!!!!! Spend your money where it'll be appreciated!

Time: Aug/06/2019 (9 months ago)
The owner is freaking rude you ask her something and she answers all nasty. If I could leave zero stars I would.

Time: Jun/18/2017 (2 years ago)
Just left this trashy place. While they do have a nice selection, their customer service is horrible. The owner was quite nasty as she insisted that people leave their purses in the car if they do not have zippers. courage everyone to stay away from this place. Im not sure if she's been the victim of theft, but not every customer comes in to steal. As if that wasn't bad enough, I asked for a specific nail color and she said "You have to find it yourself". Horrible service and I encourage everyone to stay away from this place!

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