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Elite Nail School
1719 Thierer Road
Madison, WI


Time: Nov/06/2017 (11 months ago)
I love Elite Nail school in Madison. Out of all my research with schools, what made Elite stand out was the fact that they only focus on Nails. There are no other beauty programs. Also Georgianna, the owner, is the teacher! That makes it so much more of a personal experience. Georgi always made sure to keep herself available at anytime for the stundents if they had any questions. Having already graduated and gotten my licenses she STILL helps me out if I have any questions. The price was I think exceptional. I'm one who believes in you get what you pay for. With Elite you know you're getting the best education. She also works with you if you need a financial plan/make payments. I love that they also offer continuing education classes. I have gone back a few times to lean whats new in the industry or to keep practicing on what I struggle with. I 100% recommend Elite Nail school in Madison. I don't think there's one thing I didn't enjoy about attending...

Time: Nov/13/2017 (11 months ago)
I attended Elite Nail School in the Summer 2016 class. I found the coursework to be very manageable with a busy schedule balancing work and school, in addition to preparing for my first year of college that following fall. If you do the assigned homework and study for the exams, the actual licensing exam is a breeze. They made an effort to make class interesting and engaging regardless of the material. The instructors did a great job preparing the class for the practical portion as well. We had countless opportunities to work on our skills to ensure that we were fully prepared for not only the practical exam, but for the actual salon. You can tell they truly care about the success of their students, making every effort to help every student graduate. In saying this, the effort you put in will directly reflect the skills you come away with in this course. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Elite Nail School and would recommend it to anyone who is considering a job in the nail industry and is willing to put forth the effort inside and outside of class.

Time: Dec/20/2017 (10 months ago)
My mom and I have been searching for the right nail salon and we’ve finally found a place will definitely be going back to they didn’t damage our nails, we had a great conversation with and took their time to exactly what we wanted I would definitely recommend them we loved Georgi and Ari!!

Time: Nov/06/2017 (11 months ago)
I graduated from Elite in 2015, Since then I've opened my own salon, teach nails, have recently become an educator for a major nail brand and even am competing in Next Top Nail Artist for the second year in a row and have achieved top 18 worldwide for the second year in a row. None of this could be been achieved without Georgi the director and owner. She truly has supported me and my career since before I even graduated. Shes offered me a helping hand in knowledge, education and business within the industry and I've achieved what I have because of that. I truly believe she believes in not only the naturally talented but also the underdog, because I was one of them and I've seen it with others, theres never been any judgment towards anyone just the tools one needs to succeed (if they truly want to). The nail industry is truly a self sufficient industry, if you don't go out and push yourself to succeed you never will, but with the right tools and encouragement you can achieve anything and that's exactly what you'll find here.

Time: Aug/11/2016 (2 years ago)
I had a mani - pedi today and the pedicure gal was very thorough. I am very happy with her work. The manicure polish is almost off so I am not happy with the way it was done. - thank you

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