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Empire Beauty School
610 U.S. 206
Bordentown, NJ


Time: Aug/02/2018 (2 months ago)
I always go to empire for my haircuts. I knowingly walk through the door knowing theses are students that are getting time and credits toward their certifications so im already know what to expect. Today i walked in and the girl at the counter was very inviting very up beat personality. She told me it would be just a couple of minutes and "Robin" would be right with me. I have rated 5 stars because robin was beyond amazing we had great conversation and my hair turned out amazing!!! She did such a fabulous job i will return just for her! But of coarse like all students they eventually graduate i will be getting her info for when she moves to a salon. Ask for robin she is patient and will make sure you leave happy. Thank you girls!!

Time: Mar/06/2018 (7 months ago)
The best thing about Empire Beauty School is the fact that the services are cheap. The receptionists are often downright RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL. The staff members have no patience when questions are asked, possibly because there are too few staff members. The elderly man in the office does not have the patience to answer questions and responds rudely as if annoyed. The salon schedule is awkward (9-2) on weekdays with limited evening hours. Once I waited for 45 minutes to get my hair done only to be sent home as all the stylists were busy. It was a total waste of my time for the staff member to tell me to wait. If I had more money, I'd pay more money to be treated with respect and courtesy. Can't wait to get a better job so that I can be treated with more respect when I do to get my hair done.

Time: Sep/04/2018 (a month ago)
I had to wait long hours and they kept pull my hair. Honestly, I hated it.

Time: Feb/10/2018 (8 months ago)
Depending on who you get for your hair appointment your experience varies. I’ve had many different people do my hair quickly and do very good at it, but recently had a individual take over an hour and do so poorly I went to another barber shop to fix the mistakes made. I wasn’t having any weave or special hair treatments, just a basic haircut for a guy.

Time: Dec/12/2017 (10 months ago)
Super sad she’s graduating but ask for Kourtney before she leaves this month!! She’s the best person that has styled my hair there, & I can’t wait to have her do my hair at her work place after graduation. Not impressed, to say the least, with getting layers in my hair when I asked for a simple trim by a stylist named Dominique. Because of that, I have to wait for my hair to grow back to even get the trim that I originally wanted. This makes me upset because it took a while for my hair to get to this length, just to be carelessly cut down again. Anyway, she will not be doing my hair again. Overall, the beauty school is okay. Has good days & bad days.

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