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Empire Beauty School
3106 West North Avenue
Stone Park, IL


Time: Jul/23/2018 (2 months ago)
Went in there and had a nice lady with a quiet demeanor for a facial. Was able to walk in and get seen right away. Would come back again.

Time: Mar/02/2018 (7 months ago)
Daliah was amazing. And she used a technique I have never seen before to tame my edges. It's refreshing when youth have enough life experience to carry on an interesting conversation. Linda, an Instructor, can use an attitude adjustment.

Time: May/07/2018 (5 months ago)
I called to schedule an appointment for 3 people in my family. I dint even get thru with the scheduling part. The lady that answered the phone was extremely rude and screamed at me for the date i wanted to come in. I asked for the manager and she hung up on me. I called again someone picked up and immediately hung up on me. I called again and a man answered and gave me to the director Melissa. She was nice but couldn't even tell me the name of the person who answered the phone because all the student answer. This place has no customer service skills and just lost 3 potential clients!!! Prices are great but rather go somewhere i feel welcomed!!!

Time: Apr/05/2018 (6 months ago)
Horrible customer service. Called and spoke with Orlando who shows no signs of phone etiquette and was rude. I asked what types of services does the school salon offers and his answer was. “What do you want”? So I asked for details and he tells me “ We do everything except for box braids” I felt that he was not only being unprofessional and rude but he was stereotyping me from the sound of my voice. That was my warning sign NOT TO EVER SOLICIT THIS PLACE OF BUSINESS!!!!!

Time: Jan/27/2018 (8 months ago)
I was hestitating posting a review but I believe this will help many people in deciding whether or not this is the place you want to come to learn from or to have a salon experience. I went into empire beauty school with my mother. As soon as we walked in people were rude. They did not greet the guests, they had an attitude problem when you asked questions or simply talked, and they seemed bothered at the fact that they had to do their jobs/learn. **SIDE NOTE** MY MOTHER AND MYSELF UNDERSTOOD UPON COMING TO EMPIRE THAT THE STUDENTS WOULD BE THE ONES TO SERVICE US BUT THIS WAS NOT THE PROBLEM. ** My mother came in with long blonde hair and left with extremely orange looking hair. When she came back the next day to see if they could do anything to fix it the man at the front desk cocked an attitude with the both of us. The man then went into the back of the salon to get what I assume now was a teacher. The teacher was an older woman and as soon as she seen us you could see her mood changed. She had a VERY rude and disturbing way of handling a customer and complaints. She seemed BOTHERED by the fact that we came back to have my mother’s hair fixed and tried to make it seem like there was nothing else to be done with my mother’s hair. This woman took my mother back eventually to get her hair done. When they did my mother’s hair there were various students and the teacher there working on my mother’s hair. The teacher and the students rushed through my mother’s hair resulting in her hair becoming a patchy/discolored mess. I know they rushed through her hair on purpose and did not care because their shift ended by 4:30 and we walked in at 4. There was a few students in the lobby complaining that if one of the students did not hurry up and finish her hair that she would leave her. **THEY DID NOT HAVE TO DO HER HAIR TODAY IF THEY DID NOT HAVE TIME WE WOULD HAVE CAME BACK** when the student was “done” with my mother’s hair she approached the other student to which I was sitting across from and both of these students started down talking my mother complaining about her hair how they had to fix it and having a generally horrible attitude towards us. About 90% of the staff and students that go here have a horrible attitude towards customers. They insult them, degrade them, make racist comments, and they do not behave how they should in a professional setting. Our experience was HORRIBLE. So if you are thinking of going to empire for services or to further your education I believe that you are better off going somewhere else because it is painfully obvious that the staff at empire does not care to teach students about proper customer service training and they DO SEEM to tolerate racial comments and incidences. **ANOTHER SIDE NOTE** I BELIEVE THE STAFF/STUDENTS WERE GENERALLY RUDE/RACIST BECAUSE THEY ASSUMED WE WERE WHITE. I HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT MANY STUDENTS ARE RACIST TOWARDS ASIAN WHITE AND HISPANIC CUSTOMERS ALONG WITH OTHER STUDENTS** I AM NOT TRYING TO BASH EMPIRE OR CAUSE ANY TYPE OF LEGAL HARM ALTHOUGH I BELIEVE PEOPLE DESERVE TO KNOW THE UNDERLYING TRUTH WHEN IT COMES TO PLACES WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO SPEND YOUR MONEY SO BEWARE.

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