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Victoria Nail Supply
5150 Buford Highway Northeast
Doraville, GA


Time: Mar/31/2018 (a year ago)
My family has been coming to this establishment for years now and we have no idea what has happened to Victoria she has turned very unprofessional once you step foot in that door Victoria is there to say “WE DO WHOLESALE ONLY WHAT DO YOU NEED” first of all when people are shopping they would like to LOOK AROUND we may find more products that we NEED then what we had in mind or listed. The worst part is a lot of people come from out of town we had drove all the way here to get treated this way was absolutely disgusting. If you are of color be prepared to be treated like trash because that’s how she makes you feel. Not doing business with this place no longer.

Time: May/24/2018 (10 months ago)
Rude. Moment I walked in she gon say “um this is a wholesale “ girl you don’t think I know that? That’s not how you greet people. Dont support. I recommend nail mall or atl nail supply

Time: Aug/17/2017 (a year ago)
Very rude. She doesn't want any money apparently. If she assumes you're not licensed then she only sales wholesale. EVERYONE's money is GREEN Victoria. Learn how to run a business and that starts with courtesy. Every other nail supply in the area doesn't give the trash service you provide and they are for the most part courteous and helpful. I've heard tons of stories about the treatment received when walking into her establishment and by the reviews left here she does it to everyone. I don't know how she's still open honestly. But, it's fine. I only spend my money where I'm treated nicely and fairly and its DEFINITELY NOT HERE.

Time: May/06/2018 (11 months ago)
Is there a way to give negative review??? The took $170 USD, never sent the shipment, nor shipped the products. When I call them, they always hung up telling, don’t call me. I am going to sue them and have PayPal refund

Time: Jan/23/2018 (a year ago)
I had no problem shopping here. I wasn't followed around like others claim nor did I feel pressured to buy or speed shop.

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