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Time: Jan/21/2018 (9 months ago)
Today I took my daughter in for her very first manicure to celebrate her 3rd birthday. I chose 3 colors because she likes rainbows. Right when we were seated the nail tech scoffed at me and pointed at the colors and asked why we chose 3, I explained, and she ROLLED HER EYES. I told her this was my daughter’s 1st manicure, in my passive-aggressive way to remind her not to even go there. She paints them, she is seated drying them until she messes up a nail. That, you would think, the nail tech would be more understanding of. But no, we sat back down and I showed her she messed it up and asked could she fix it. She gets up abruptly with her attitude and mumbled something came back to us with a chip on her shoulder as she jerked the nail polish tip back into the bottle. I told her “so sorry this was such an inconvenience for her.” Will not ever return to this salon, and seeing the other reviews tell me this is not just limited to one employee. Literally the most pathetic experience I have had and unfortunately it was my daughter’s too.

Time: Jul/21/2017 (a year ago)
Nice technicians, good price, and they absolutely are patient with your nails. I went in for a manipedi and was not disappointed. They absolutely do not rush it which often causes spots to be missed. Will be a regular customer.

Time: Dec/02/2017 (10 months ago)
INCONSIDERATE !!! I went in FOR MY 16th BIRTHDAY last week and was not directed to any assistance they didn't let me choose a color or anything. They sat me down with a young asian man who was playing games on his phone. He chose a silver color for me I didn't complain. All I wanted was acrylics which were $30.. The man repeatedly stopped in the middle of what he was doing and texted on his phone and even answered a phone call from a friend. He then got up in the middle without excusing himself and did a lady's eyebrows in the back. The rest of the workers just looked at me as I waited 20 mins for him to finish. He then finished and did a horrible job. The nails were small and choppy. What a birthday. They charged me 45 btw for idk what. Smh

Time: Sep/09/2017 (a year ago)
My gel polish started peeling in two days after service( Monday). I waited to them fixed on four days later. The guy tried to argue with me and told me that I should've came back sooner. Needless to say I gave him some tips on customer service and a piece of my mind. They are very rude in this shop. I will never come back again. Avoid at all cost.

Time: Mar/16/2017 (a year ago)
Highly disappointed in my last visit at Columbia Nails. I came in around 2 on a Friday JUST to get my eyebrows waxed. It wasn't very busy. I received immediate service but it was all very rushed. My eyebrow wax was scorching hot and after I had said something about it all the lady said was "oh ok" but did not fix it. As a person with very sensitive skin, I was not very happy. The waxing all happened very fast and from my previous experiences getting my eyebrows waxed I felt like the lady may have forgotten some vital steps. Come to find out when it was all done, my eyebrows were uneven!!! One was much thicker and had less of an arch while the other was thinner, longer and had a better arch. I came to this nail salon to get my eyebrow waxed because it was cheaper than other nail salons but as they say "You get what you pay for" therefore I will not be returning.

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