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Novel Nail Spa Inc
629 Plank Road
, NY



Time: Jul/24/2018 (2 months ago)
I’ve visited several nail salons in the area and this is by far the best! Very kind and personable husband and wife running the show. The husband did my nails beautifully! I got ANC done. The finished look was very smooth and did not have a “layered” look as when I got to Red Lotus for the same thing. My mother recommended I go here, because she is never disappointed with her manicures or pedicures. Highly recommend!

Time: Jun/06/2018 (4 months ago)
I usually go to a different nail salon, but my friend highly recommended Novel, so we both sent for pedicures. While the massage was enjoyable, my pedicure was not. The woman who did my pedi cut my nails way too short, and the polish looks like my granddaughter did it! A few of my nails were cut so short, that I cannot wear my sneakers without causing pain! So, all in all, I will not be going back and I would advise you to do the same!

Time: Oct/29/2017 (11 months ago)
I've been there several times and have always been happy with their service.

Time: Jun/27/2016 (2 years ago)
After our pedicure, there was barely any difference. My wife's heal looked and felt untouched. Poor job on her nail polish. When he finished doing her nails his apron rubbed on her wet toes as he pass by. He did everything possible not to do them over. After our persistence, he finally did - now the nails on her left foot were a different shade then her right. He took no pride in his work. Nail polish all over the skin. Mine were done by a young girl. Her job was just ok. We're not going back. You take us for a fool one time - that's it. I would definitely not recommend. Not good!

Time: Jul/07/2018 (3 months ago)

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