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Payless beauty supply
1456 Belt Line Road
Garland, TX



Time: Oct/08/2018 (2 weeks ago)
Passed by this beauty supply on my way home everyday. I normally shop at Gold 7 for the past 15 years (family oriented, polite, and always happy to do Business with you). Payless beauty supply owners are RUDE , unprofessional, and definitely lacking people skills. All they want is your money and if you don’t purchase anything they are rude. I have never in my life been spoken to in that manner. I went in for lashes but they have such a small selection. Don’t shop here this place is so small and run down and the selection of lashes and hair are so minimal.

Time: Sep/09/2018 (a month ago)
The owner or cashier guy that works the front can be pretty rude and he tends to watch the shoppers while they shop, I guess so he can catch someone stealing, but not all people steal and people should be able to shop without someone eyeballing them down, it can be uncomfo, he lucky I went to church that day! which is why I rather drive down to Buckingham Rd and go to beauty for u over there!! Their nice ppl

Time: Aug/11/2018 (2 months ago)
The people that run this place are so rude. They watch you walk around like you come in there to steal. Then even walk down the isle with you to make sure you don’t. After asking a question about a color I was interested in. They half way helped. Didn’t explain anything at all. I took it home realized that it wasn’t what I wanted (it was $2.99 box of color then they argued with me saying it’s open and couldn’t not exchange it... really they all had what looked like a piece of tape over it....horrible customer service make you so uncomfrtable cause they think your gonna steal what little inventory they have lol this place is a joke would not recommend even to buy rubber bands...

Time: Jun/05/2018 (4 months ago)
VERY VERY VERY RUDE, and mean people. This business deserves no stars, zip, zero. I visited this place years ago and said I will definitely write a review on them when it comes to my mind. MY BLACK PEOPLE...DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE. I REPEAT DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE!!!!! Do not let the location fool you all they did was move across the street. I'm sure it's the same owners. If not then they should've changed their business name but they didn't hahaha can't fool this one tho. Take your money elsewhere.

Time: May/15/2018 (5 months ago)
I walked in this new location and quickly remembered the woman! Come to find out I went to this store years ago when it was across the street from this location. The owners are very rude. Sad they are still in business making a profit off people of color.

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