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Rockingham, NC



Time: Jun/21/2018 (3 months ago)
Wow, I started to go here but was warned by two people that they will hurt you. TWO people have told me they started BLEEDING after going here. Not just cut or knicked, BLEEDING pouring blood, then I came here and see another review with a photo of a FLESH WOUND on their review. These people need to be shut down!

Time: Feb/08/2018 (7 months ago)
I don't even want to give them one star they need to have their doors closed

Time: Jul/18/2018 (2 months ago)
Acrylic job is was satisfactory, but the paint job on my acrylic is HORRIBLE.

Time: May/27/2017 (a year ago)
I came down from West Virginia to see my mom who lives in Rockingham. We decided to go get pedicures. We went in and they turned on the water and we sit down (not together, but that was okay). One of the men started my moms feet as I waited on the other side for someone, finally a woman with shoulder length hair came over and started on my feet. All was okay at first then she started getting sort of rough. The whole time I'm texting my mom telling her she was hurting me. She then pulls out the foot razor. That's when things went down hill. She was still being rough and all of a sudden I felt this burning pain on the side of my foot when I looked at her she had blood running down her glove. I start panicking and I tell her I'm bleeding but she didn't stop. I am basically screaming at the woman at this point that I am bleeding. She jumps up and grabs a little green bottle of what she was calling sanitizer she starts pouring it on my foot. She set my world on fire. I am pretty much begging her to stop, she puts my foot back down into the blue water that instantly starts turning red. She pulls my foot back out and put glue on it. After she gets the glue on I'm in shock looking back at my mom for some sort of help. I start telling her I'm done. She grabs my other foot and try's to start again I tell her I'm done and start to get up. I go over to my mom as the man was still painting her toes. Nothing was said until the older man came over and asked my mom if we would be paying for 2 pedicures, my mom tells him we would not be paying for mine (I wasn't even 5 minutes into my pedicure). The man seemed disgusted as he asked to see my foot while she was apologizing behind him. I highly advise against going to this establishment. If 0 stars were an option they would be what they would have gotten from me.

Time: Nov/29/2016 (a year ago)
I don't normally come here and I never will again. I waited 40 minutes to get my nails done I wanted a fill in gel nails the woman who did them had no clue how to file a square nail or a stiletto nail every time I asked her a question she asked the other two men that was there then I kept telling her it wasn't how I wanted it she filled into my skin once she got mad cause I wasn't satisfied with the poor quality of work the man in the first chair was rude and he was painting a little girls nails coughed and sneezed and continued to do her nails (nasty ) this was my first and last time ever going in there a waste of $30 I had to pay $20 more to get them fixed at pro nails in Monroe nc. This salon is so not up to date with the latest nail fashion I recommend they take classes it's 2016 they doing 1999 nails in there totally disgusted with my nails until I got them fixed NEVER WILL I GO IN THERE AGAIN!!!

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