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Cali Nails
409 West Northern Lights Boulevard
Anchorage, AK



Time: Jun/23/2018 (a month ago)
Great customer service and very hygienic

Time: Jul/27/2013 (5 years ago)
Im not one to complain much but i felt the need to make a statement about my visit to this salon. A girfriend and I decided to have a mani/pedi day! We go in and its probably about 80 degrees in the shop. I understand it is hot this summer but it was ridiculously unbarable. We could have turned around and walked out but decided to give it a shot. There was only one nail tech there to begin with but she had phoned a second to come and work on one of us. Instead of waiting (which we would have done) she had me sit down and started my pedicure first while my girlfriend just stood there waiting for the other nail tech to arrive. The massage portion of my chair did not work. I was unhappy with the end result of my pedicure but this was really not that big of deal to me. I was more upset our pedicures werent together (most friends having a mani/pedi day would like to sit with eachother, or even near eachother for the social aspect of the spa day). Not only were our pedicures not started at the same time but i was across the room getting my manicure while my friends was just beginning to have her pedicure started. I was extremely irritated at this point. To top everything off the nail tech who did our manicures was sick. She kept stopping to wipe her nose, which started with a tissue that she was continuously reusing then NOT WASHING HER HANDS before continuing with my manicure. Then she began to use the top of her shirt to wiper her noes. I was so DISGUSTED. This was on Wednesday, it is now Saturday and my manicure is completely chipped. I have done nothing excessive to make this happen. Worst nail experience EVER. I DO NOT reccommend this salon to ANYONE. Go somewhere that is worth your money.

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