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4601 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX


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Time: Oct/02/2017 (12 months ago)
If I could give this place zero stars I would. Got acrylics on three days ago and the nail itself already chipped tremendously. They told me it was 26 for a full set then made me pay 35, my friend for a fill and they made her pay 40. They are rude and do not know how to evenly shape nails. DO NOT GO.

Time: Sep/24/2017 (a year ago)
I went for a dip and mani and she somehow completely forgot to give me a mani. The dip is horridly uneven and she kept complaining my nails were too short and wanted to put on acrylics. Now my nails are not the longest but they’re not nubs and I’ve never had someone tell me my nails were too short making them hard to file. That is just ridiculous. Never again will I go here.

Time: Nov/09/2012 (5 years ago)
Just moved to Tyler and looking for a decent salon. Still looking! I never go to the mall so this time I stopped into Le Nails on the spur of the moment. Shop is Asian but no problem... I've used a dozen of them. Still, the accent can be confusing but in this case I think the poor job the guy did was a matter of bad attitude and skill. Been having my nails done for twenty years and this one tops the list. My husband stayed to keep me company and even he thought something was terribly wrong. Five nails were bleeding when I got to take a look and the scabs took more than a week to heal. Watch out!

Time: Jan/17/2016 (2 years ago)
Service was horrible. My friend was getting fake nails put on and the whole time, the lady DOING her nails was on Facebook! She would do a nail, then check Facebook and repeat. It's ridiculous! I got a pedicure which was decent but the paraffin wax was not used to cover my while foot. And she was a little rough on my feet. Also, while getting our nails done, a woman came in to get her toenails touched up. She had been walking around the mall and fell which caused her to scuff up a fee toes Le Nails painted earlier that fay. The staff was rude telling her that she couldn't get one that day because she was wearing close-toed shoes. The woman even offered to wear their little paper flip flops and they told her she needed to come back some other day with flip flops on. RUDE RUDE RUDE!

Time: Apr/03/2015 (3 years ago)
This place is horrible. My mom received a gift certificate for a manicure and went in to use it. They told her she couldn't because the New owner wasn't in. We both got pedicures and all they did was wash our feet and paint them for 25 a piece. The ladies are rude and don't listen. They just do what they want. I will never go again if it's the last place on earth. And to top it off the lady made 3 of my mom's toes bleed. They suck and need to be shut down.

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